Friday, January 20, 2017

A Beginner's Guide To Ben Wa Balls!

 Welcome to my page! My name is Ruth and I built this site to guide you through the mysteriously wonderful world of Ben Wa balls.

 Ben Wa balls, this may sound like a Chinese meatball dish, but they surely have nothing to do with that. Ben Wa balls or Geisha balls, Burmese bells, Orgasm balls, rin-no-tama, Venus balls, smart balls, pleasure balls, love balls – choose whichever name you like ‘cause the list is long – are small marble-sized balls intended to go deep in your vagina in order to work miracles! They were invented a long time ago and their purpose was to enhance sexual stimulation, but along with that come the benefits of strengthening your pelvic floor muscles, leading to a whole lot better sexual life with more intense orgasms. Did I get you intrigued enough to read on? 

Short description

Nylon-string traditional ben wa balls
Ben Wa balls come in various sizes. They start from small, the size of a marble (1/2-inch diameter) and may reach up to 2-inch diameter (or, sometimes, a bit more). They may be solid or hollow containing smaller weights inside them or another set of smaller balls (these are called duotone balls). All the work is done as you move around carrying them inside you. They start vibrating, bringing you a stimulating feeling that makes your everyday life spicier without anyone suspect a thing. The balls are often attached to a string in order to retrieve them easier after their secret mission is completed (so don’t worry, they‘re not going to get lost in space). For the fearless and more experienced ones, there are also ball sets without a retrieval cord that add a bit of suspense to the whole experience.


 Ben Wa balls have a mostly unknown past. They have been invented as a stimulation booster for sexual pleasure. At first there was only one ball which, over time, evolved into a pair or more balls connected to a string. The balls are inserted to the vagina to cause subtle stimulation by tugging the string or simply by wearing them and rocking back and forth. Vibrations caused by the balls give the vaginal walls a stimulating feeling strong enough to arouse the woman sexually. Nowadays, Ben Wa balls are not only sex toys but can be used as a treatment for several conditions of the pelvic floor including vaginal looseness after childbirth or aging, uterine prolapse and urinary incontinence. Combined with kegel exercises Ben Wa balls and other kinds of vaginal weights can really make a difference. If you want to know more about it, there is a relevant article to cover for more details. 


 Three are the main types of Ben Wa balls:

traditional ben wa balls made from black obsidian stone
· Traditional balls: Made of metal, glass or silicone. They are simple in construction - like this pair of Black Obsidian Ben Wa Balls - and can be attached to a string for boosting stimulation and easy retrieval.

Silver Duotone Balls With String
· Duotone balls: They are hollow balls containing smaller weights inside them. They may also be connected with a retrieval cord, like these Silver Duotone BallsTheir way of function is simple, as you move around carrying them, the smaller balls cause vibrations that are transmitted to the vaginal walls, bringing a pleasant stimulating sense to the carrier.  

Shibari - high grade silicone single and double kegel balls
· Kegel weights: These types of vaginal weights are mostly used in kegel exercises (click here to learn how). They are encapsulated (sometimes adjustable) weights with a silicone coating most of the times, like the Shibari Kegel Ball Set you can see in the picture. They are connected to a retrieval string for easier removal. One variation of them is the vaginal cone (a medical device for pelvic floor exercises). 

 You will find a huge range on the market. Products vary in prices, material, surface and texture. Beyond the designed in simplicity Ben Wa balls, there are also yoni eggs (try to picture an egg-shaped Ben Wa ball) and vibrating balls (remote controlled or wired). The menu is abundant in choices to suit all needs and tastes! 

 For a more thorough market research check The Ultimate Buyer's Guide To Ben Wa Balls. It should have you covered up in every details you need to know before buying your personal pair of Ben Wa balls.

How they work

 Ben Wa balls are inserted to the vagina, one at a time. Once they’re in, you start rocking back and forth or side to side. The balls then move inside you giving mild vibrations to the vaginal walls causing sexual stimulation. Some women may even achieve orgasm with this movement, others just enjoy the pleasuring feeling. They can be a really fun sex gadget if you’re looking for something else than just salt and pepper to spice up your bedroom stories.
Pelvic floor muscles that take part in kegels

 Ben Wa balls also work complentary with kegel exercises in order to strengthen the PC muscles (no, they have nothing to do with computers). The PC (short for pubococcygeous) are the muscles of the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor consists of several muscles and tissues (I won’t go medical blah blah here, don’t worry) that support the organs of the pelvic cavity (these are: the uterus, vagina, urethra, bladder and rectum). So far, so good. Owing to several reasons these muscles might start losing their tone, especially after childbirth, surgery in the pelvic area, menopause, aging, obesity or urine incontinence. To fight these conditions kegel exercises are usually recommended by doctors as a treatment. Kegels can easily be performed anywhere, anytime just by clenching and releasing your PC muscles (the ones that you use to stop urine flow). Ben Wa balls can really add up to the effectiveness of the exercise, giving you better results. 

How to use

 Ben Wa balls are really easy to use. At first you might need some lubricant to put them into your vagina. Don’t use too much, though, because if they are too slippery you won’t be able to keep them in. Before using them, wash your hands and balls thoroughly, because being clean keeps you away from infections. Lie comfortably on your bed, open your legs, relax and slightly let your balls glide inside you one by one. For beginners I would recommend a string attached pair of balls to make removal easier for you. Once the balls are inside you sit on the bed and start rocking back and forth, side to side or even in a combination of movements. Do you get that teasing feeling inside you? Does it gradually become stronger and you get more turned on? Great! They work! 

Attached Ben Wa balls inserted to the vagina
 After a couple of work-outs you might feel confident and strong enough to wear them and walk around the house (some women claim to wear them even in public, as no one can tell that they’re carrying them). The movement you need to work on is to contract the right muscles (the PC muscles) to prevent the balls from sliding out. This is the basic mechanism for kegels and in the long run will provide you with a tighter vagina and more intense orgasms.

 When your time with the balls is up (you should usually wear them for about 10-20 minutes every day) you let them glide out by squatting, coughing, walking around or jumping up and down. If you got a cord-connected pair, then all you need to do is pull them out using the end of the cord (don’t forget to let it hang out of your vagina if you don’t want to be troubled sticking your finger in and looking for them).

 A thorough step-by-step guide on how to use your Ben Wa balls can be found here.


Pleasure: Ben Wa balls are one of the oldest sex toys around. They are simple and minimalistic and can be used either for pleasure on your own or for spicing up your sex life with your partner. The balls work by teasing your vagina, as you keep on moving the vibrations they create help your vaginal wall reach high stimulation levels. When lust is all over you then there is nothing to stop you from reaching climax and screams of pleasure. 

 If you're looking for more sexy uses of Ben Wa Balls, check this article.

Well-being: Another use, other than stimulation, is strengthening the PC muscles. Strong PC muscles equal a strong and healthy vagina. For pregnant ladies that means an easier delivery. For the ones dealing with urine incontinence it means better bladder control. A strong pelvic floor prevents or even helps restore vaginal looseness and prolapses in the pelvic area (bladder, rectum or uterus may prolapse in the vagina for different reasons). Finally, a well worked-out PC muscle increases the sensitivity of the area, makes the vagina feel tighter and boosts sexual pleasure for both partners!


 Ben Wa balls have a lot to offer you, but they don’t suit everybody. In certain cases using Ben Wa balls and other vaginal weights, or even doing traditional kegels must be avoided. You must never use Ben Wa balls if you have any inflammatory or infectious pelvic disorders, are allergic to their materials or are healing after surgery in the pelvic area. Using the balls during pregnancy and short after delivery is a matter you should discuss with your gynecologist. Women who had hysterectomy should not use cordless balls. Also, not all types of balls are suitable for back-door play, especially cordless ones (things might get lost in the black hole). It is advisable that before you try Ben Wa balls you consult your doctor if you feel unsure about anything. 


 Opinions on Ben Wa balls vary. Some people are passionate supporters while others don’t believe in the effectiveness of these balls. I am more a person of moderation; I don’t believe things to be bad or good by nature. I think it’s the use we make of them that determines whether they are harmful, useful or useless. If you know what to expect then you’ll never be disappointed. I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews by unhappy buyers and I don’t believe that the balls had to do with them. It’s mostly ignorance and false expectations that leads a buyer to rate a product as crap. My advice is to be critical on such reviews, check for more comments on the same item and then decide whether it’s a thumb up or down (I do it every time I’m on market research for products from a new smartphone to a hair curling device). Well, to be honest, some products may be a true piece of overpriced junk; but, before you rush to reject the effectiveness of those balls of pleasure based on some bad reviews you read online, do a thorough research and learn what possibilities and limits they have – my page is here to help you. 

What to expect 

 Ben Wa balls are not just a sex toy. They successfully serve this purpose, especially cord connected balls that allow limitless teasing and vibrating ones that take stimulation to the next level. Ben Wa balls, though, can totally transform your pelvic floor if you use them regularly and discipline to their rules. If you incorporate kegels with Ben Wa balls to your everyday routine the results are certainly not going to let you down. Don’t have high hopes though if you aim for short term effects. Such things take time and persistence. You don’t get the body of your dreams a week after you join the gym. The muscles need time, proper technique and time for rest in order to build up strong. The same goes for your PC muscles. Kegels' results usually take 4-6 weeks to start showing, so don’t expect to experience miracle orgasms after 2 sessions with your balls. 

 Some women claim to get aroused more easily after having worn their balls and orgasms to be more intense. Their instant effect is to provide stimulation to the vagina and intensify the feeling of pleasure. In the long run, training with Ben Wa balls will grant you with a strong and tighter vagina, more sensitive to touch. You will have better control over tightening and releasing your vaginal muscles, something that your sex partner will thank you for after he stops howling in bed like a wolf!

 What you need to keep in mind is that Ben Wa balls are both a sex toy and a piece of work-out equipment. If you use them just for occasional pleasure you’ll definitely love them, but if you stick to a daily exercise program and go for the more permanent effects you will bless them.