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A Beginner's Guide To Ben Wa Balls!

 Welcome to my page! My name is Ruth and I built this site to guide you through the mysteriously wonderful world of Ben Wa balls.

 Ben Wa balls, this may sound like a Chinese meatball dish, but they surely have nothing to do with that. Ben Wa balls or Geisha balls, Burmese bells, Orgasm balls, rin-no-tama, Venus balls, smart balls, pleasure balls, love balls – choose whichever name you like ‘cause the list is long – are small marble-sized balls intended to go deep in your vagina in order to work miracles! They were invented a long time ago and their purpose was to enhance sexual stimulation, but along with that come the benefits of strengthening your pelvic floor muscles, leading to a whole lot better sexual life with more intense orgasms. Did I get you intrigued enough to read on? 

Short description

Nylon-string traditional ben wa balls
Ben Wa balls come in various sizes. They start from small, the size of a marble (1/2-inch diameter) and may reach up to 2-inch diameter (or, sometimes, a bit more). They may be solid or hollow containing smaller weights inside them or another set of smaller balls (these are called duotone balls). All the work is done as you move around carrying them inside you. They start vibrating, bringing you a stimulating feeling that makes your everyday life spicier without anyone suspect a thing. The balls are often attached to a string in order to retrieve them easier after their secret mission is completed (so don’t worry, they‘re not going to get lost in space). For the fearless and more experienced ones, there are also ball sets without a retrieval cord that add a bit of suspense to the whole experience.


 Ben Wa balls have a mostly unknown past. They have been invented as a stimulation booster for sexual pleasure. At first there was only one ball which, over time, evolved into a pair or more balls connected to a string. The balls are inserted to the vagina to cause subtle stimulation by tugging the string or simply by wearing them and rocking back and forth. Vibrations caused by the balls give the vaginal walls a stimulating feeling strong enough to arouse the woman sexually. Nowadays, Ben Wa balls are not only sex toys but can be used as a treatment for several conditions of the pelvic floor including vaginal looseness after childbirth or aging, uterine prolapse and urinary incontinence. Combined with kegel exercises Ben Wa balls and other kinds of vaginal weights can really make a difference. If you want to know more about it, there is a relevant article to cover for more details. 


 Three are the main types of Ben Wa balls:

traditional ben wa balls made from black obsidian stone
· Traditional balls: Made of metal, glass or silicone. They are simple in construction - like this pair of Black Obsidian Ben Wa Balls - and can be attached to a string for boosting stimulation and easy retrieval.

Silver Duotone Balls With String
· Duotone balls: They are hollow balls containing smaller weights inside them. They may also be connected with a retrieval cord, like these Silver Duotone BallsTheir way of function is simple, as you move around carrying them, the smaller balls cause vibrations that are transmitted to the vaginal walls, bringing a pleasant stimulating sense to the carrier.  

Shibari - high grade silicone single and double kegel balls
· Kegel weights: These types of vaginal weights are mostly used in kegel exercises (click here to learn how). They are encapsulated (sometimes adjustable) weights with a silicone coating most of the times, like the Shibari Kegel Ball Set you can see in the picture. They are connected to a retrieval string for easier removal. One variation of them is the vaginal cone (a medical device for pelvic floor exercises). 

 You will find a huge range on the market. Products vary in prices, material, surface and texture. Beyond the designed in simplicity Ben Wa balls, there are also yoni eggs (try to picture an egg-shaped Ben Wa ball) and vibrating balls (remote controlled or wired). The menu is abundant in choices to suit all needs and tastes! 

 For a more thorough market research check The Ultimate Buyer's Guide To Ben Wa Balls. It should have you covered up in every details you need to know before buying your personal pair of Ben Wa balls.

How they work

 Ben Wa balls are inserted to the vagina, one at a time. Once they’re in, you start rocking back and forth or side to side. The balls then move inside you giving mild vibrations to the vaginal walls causing sexual stimulation. Some women may even achieve orgasm with this movement, others just enjoy the pleasuring feeling. They can be a really fun sex gadget if you’re looking for something else than just salt and pepper to spice up your bedroom stories.
Pelvic floor muscles that take part in kegels

 Ben Wa balls also work complentary with kegel exercises in order to strengthen the PC muscles (no, they have nothing to do with computers). The PC (short for pubococcygeous) are the muscles of the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor consists of several muscles and tissues (I won’t go medical blah blah here, don’t worry) that support the organs of the pelvic cavity (these are: the uterus, vagina, urethra, bladder and rectum). So far, so good. Owing to several reasons these muscles might start losing their tone, especially after childbirth, surgery in the pelvic area, menopause, aging, obesity or urine incontinence. To fight these conditions kegel exercises are usually recommended by doctors as a treatment. Kegels can easily be performed anywhere, anytime just by clenching and releasing your PC muscles (the ones that you use to stop urine flow). Ben Wa balls can really add up to the effectiveness of the exercise, giving you better results. 

How to use

 Ben Wa balls are really easy to use. At first you might need some lubricant to put them into your vagina. Don’t use too much, though, because if they are too slippery you won’t be able to keep them in. Before using them, wash your hands and balls thoroughly, because being clean keeps you away from infections. Lie comfortably on your bed, open your legs, relax and slightly let your balls glide inside you one by one. For beginners I would recommend a string attached pair of balls to make removal easier for you. Once the balls are inside you sit on the bed and start rocking back and forth, side to side or even in a combination of movements. Do you get that teasing feeling inside you? Does it gradually become stronger and you get more turned on? Great! They work! 

Attached Ben Wa balls inserted to the vagina
 After a couple of work-outs you might feel confident and strong enough to wear them and walk around the house (some women claim to wear them even in public, as no one can tell that they’re carrying them). The movement you need to work on is to contract the right muscles (the PC muscles) to prevent the balls from sliding out. This is the basic mechanism for kegels and in the long run will provide you with a tighter vagina and more intense orgasms.

 When your time with the balls is up (you should usually wear them for about 10-20 minutes every day) you let them glide out by squatting, coughing, walking around or jumping up and down. If you got a cord-connected pair, then all you need to do is pull them out using the end of the cord (don’t forget to let it hang out of your vagina if you don’t want to be troubled sticking your finger in and looking for them).

 A thorough step-by-step guide on how to use your Ben Wa balls can be found here.


Pleasure: Ben Wa balls are one of the oldest sex toys around. They are simple and minimalistic and can be used either for pleasure on your own or for spicing up your sex life with your partner. The balls work by teasing your vagina, as you keep on moving the vibrations they create help your vaginal wall reach high stimulation levels. When lust is all over you then there is nothing to stop you from reaching climax and screams of pleasure. 

 If you're looking for more sexy uses of Ben Wa Balls, check this article.

Well-being: Another use, other than stimulation, is strengthening the PC muscles. Strong PC muscles equal a strong and healthy vagina. For pregnant ladies that means an easier delivery. For the ones dealing with urine incontinence it means better bladder control. A strong pelvic floor prevents or even helps restore vaginal looseness and prolapses in the pelvic area (bladder, rectum or uterus may prolapse in the vagina for different reasons). Finally, a well worked-out PC muscle increases the sensitivity of the area, makes the vagina feel tighter and boosts sexual pleasure for both partners!


 Ben Wa balls have a lot to offer you, but they don’t suit everybody. In certain cases using Ben Wa balls and other vaginal weights, or even doing traditional kegels must be avoided. You must never use Ben Wa balls if you have any inflammatory or infectious pelvic disorders, are allergic to their materials or are healing after surgery in the pelvic area. Using the balls during pregnancy and short after delivery is a matter you should discuss with your gynecologist. Women who had hysterectomy should not use cordless balls. Also, not all types of balls are suitable for back-door play, especially cordless ones (things might get lost in the black hole). It is advisable that before you try Ben Wa balls you consult your doctor if you feel unsure about anything. 


 Opinions on Ben Wa balls vary. Some people are passionate supporters while others don’t believe in the effectiveness of these balls. I am more a person of moderation; I don’t believe things to be bad or good by nature. I think it’s the use we make of them that determines whether they are harmful, useful or useless. If you know what to expect then you’ll never be disappointed. I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews by unhappy buyers and I don’t believe that the balls had to do with them. It’s mostly ignorance and false expectations that leads a buyer to rate a product as crap. My advice is to be critical on such reviews, check for more comments on the same item and then decide whether it’s a thumb up or down (I do it every time I’m on market research for products from a new smartphone to a hair curling device). Well, to be honest, some products may be a true piece of overpriced junk; but, before you rush to reject the effectiveness of those balls of pleasure based on some bad reviews you read online, do a thorough research and learn what possibilities and limits they have – my page is here to help you. 

What to expect 

 Ben Wa balls are not just a sex toy. They successfully serve this purpose, especially cord connected balls that allow limitless teasing and vibrating ones that take stimulation to the next level. Ben Wa balls, though, can totally transform your pelvic floor if you use them regularly and discipline to their rules. If you incorporate kegels with Ben Wa balls to your everyday routine the results are certainly not going to let you down. Don’t have high hopes though if you aim for short term effects. Such things take time and persistence. You don’t get the body of your dreams a week after you join the gym. The muscles need time, proper technique and time for rest in order to build up strong. The same goes for your PC muscles. Kegels' results usually take 4-6 weeks to start showing, so don’t expect to experience miracle orgasms after 2 sessions with your balls. 

 Some women claim to get aroused more easily after having worn their balls and orgasms to be more intense. Their instant effect is to provide stimulation to the vagina and intensify the feeling of pleasure. In the long run, training with Ben Wa balls will grant you with a strong and tighter vagina, more sensitive to touch. You will have better control over tightening and releasing your vaginal muscles, something that your sex partner will thank you for after he stops howling in bed like a wolf!

 What you need to keep in mind is that Ben Wa balls are both a sex toy and a piece of work-out equipment. If you use them just for occasional pleasure you’ll definitely love them, but if you stick to a daily exercise program and go for the more permanent effects you will bless them.

How Ben Wa Balls Work

 Pubococcygeous  muscle – The mastermind of pleasure

 The pubococcygeous muscle (PC for short) resembles a hammock in shape. It stretches from the pelvic bone to the tail bone (coccyx if you want to sound more scientific) and forms the floor of the pelvic cavity. The muscles of the pelvic cavity support the vagina and uterus (in women), the bladder, the urethra and the rectum. They also provide core stability to the rest of your body.

The pubococcygeous is the muscle that supports the organs of the pelvic floor cavity
The PC is a multifunctional muscle found both in men and women. It controls urine flow, contracts during orgasm and helps male ejaculation. Adding to these, this muscle assists in childbirth, since, when being strong enough, it helps the proper positioning of the baby’s head. A strong PC muscle also aids in urinary incontinence (as proven by some studies) and is also responsible for supporting your core (providing a stable base for it).

 Don’t mistake the PC muscle with the vaginal muscle. The latter is the one responsible for stretching and relaxing the vaginal walls. These two muscles cooperate with the PC providing the support to the vaginal muscle. In cases of vaginal looseness, the PC makes up for the lost elasticity of the vagina.

 Enough with the HOUSE MD stuff. Now, let’s play a quiz. 

 - As stated above, the PC muscle contracts during orgasm and what happens when your PC muscle is not in shape?
 - Your sexual life might be dull and pleasure hard to reach.

 - Question number two: What do we do in order to get a muscle toned up?
 - Exercise.
 Brilliant! That’s what your PC muscle needs as well, so as to leverage 100% of its potential.

 - Question number three: Where are you supposed to get PC muscle exercise?
 - The answer is anywhere, anytime, alone or around other people.
 All you need is a six-letter word: K E G E L S. Kegels are some simple exercises intended to strengthen your PC muscles and can be performed by tensing and relaxing them for a certain amount of seconds.

 - Question number four: How can any form of exercise become more efficient?
 - With the use of special equipment, of course.
 When it comes to Kegels, Ben Wa balls and Kegel weights are the only equipment you’ll need. There are various training kits on the market that are perfect for your kegels, just like Intimate Rose - Kegel Exercise Training Kit. Those kits contain exercising equipment of different weights to cover for different levels of competency.

 - And the last question for an extraordinary orgasm prize is: What do you get when a well-exercised and strong PC muscle reaches climax?
 - Fireworks! 

 The point I’m trying to make here is that, no matter how good sex you have, how intense orgasms you get, there is always room for future progress. And those balls of pleasure are here to advance your personal satisfaction. By using them on a regular basis you can achieve better control of your pelvic floor muscle, therefore better contractions during intercourse and loads of pleasure for you and your partner as well. Kegel exercises are a very good way to work out those muscles and make your love life even more amazing. When you add Ben Wa balls to your “training” sessions, exercise becomes more challenging and more effective in time. And after a while, as you become better and gain a lot more control over your body, you may introduce your s-exercising equipment to your bedroom and have a work-out with your partner inside you. Doesn’t that sound fun? ‘Cause, trust me, some kinds of exercise are better when performed with a partner ;-)

How To Use Your Ben Wa Balls

Getting in

Ok! So, you’ve made your decision, you’ve had your market research and finally, here you are with your very own pair of balls waiting to get inside you! Now, before you start, remember that personal hygiene is of critical importance, so make sure that your hands and balls are clean before use, ‘cause you don’t want any infections ruining all the fun. If you‘re a newbie, you might as well need some lubricant to make insertion easier, at least until you get to know how this whole thing works for you. But don’t overdo it, ‘cause these balls might slip down as easily as they will glide in.

lying in bed can help you relax and enjoy the experience of ben wa balls better
One helpful tip is to lie down into a relaxed position and slowly glide the balls into your vagina. Once you’ve done that a couple of times you might not need to be on your back to get them in each time. If your pelvic muscle control is good enough you’ll be able to insert them even in a standing position (make that your next goal set). When the balls are inside you, try keeping them in by tensing your leg muscles together and doing kegel exercises

 If you feel that you’ve found how to work the right muscles and you can control your toys from sliding out of you, you can try to sit on your bed and rock from side to side enjoying that new tingling feeling. And the moment you’re confident enough to stand on your feet and start moving around without your balls slipping out, means that you have total control of your PC muscles and you’re one step closer to mastering the art of Ben Wa balls.

 For beginners training would be no longer than 5 minutes. Set a goal of 10 minutes to keep you motivated and help you get better in time. You must be doing your kegels in this time, not just lie in bed, do nothing at all and expect the balls to work by themselves. When you become advanced enough you might be able to hold them even longer and move around doing other activities as well such as walking, turning, bending or squatting. But it is important not to overstress your muscles, especially in the beginning. If you get any feelings of soreness or irritation, then maybe you had too much of your balls and you need to get them out and relax.

 Remember, your ball session is a very personal experience. It is important for you to do in your own privacy, feel relaxed and let all disturbing thoughts out, especially during your first sessions, otherwise you won’t get to enjoy this quality time with yourself. If you ask me, I prefer wearing my balls in my bedroom, in the comfort of my bed. Sometimes I might stand up and walk around the room, but I haven’t managed to keep them in for more than 10 to 20 steps. I’m getting better though, so my next goal is to be able to walk around the house with my secret teasers inside me and no one knowing about it.

 Getting out

 I know you don’t need a degree to get the balls inside you, but getting them out may give you a hard time. If you’re using a set with a retrieval cord, then you have nothing to worry about, it’s almost like pulling a tampon out. But for the ones who choose cordless balls the process of getting them out could be challenging. Below are some of the most common methods to get your balls out:

 · Walk around
 · Jump up and down
 · Use more lubrication
 · Cough
 · Squat 

 Of course using your finger to pull them out helps a lot especially when you’re in a squatting position (let gravity be of help here) and combined with some extra lub, those balls are definitely not going to stay inside you forever. If, for any reason, you can’t get them out, try not to panic, relax (because your muscles won’t loosen otherwise), breathe deep, follow the above tips and everything will be fine. There is no need to stress and make up embarrassing scenarios of you in an ER room with an intern digging in your love tunnel in search of your pleasure balls. Things will be alright as long as you do everything correctly and calmly. 

 Health warning note:

women's health sign
Certainly, Ben Wa balls can be a lot of fun; but if you wanna play on the safe side, you must be careful. For some women these balls are out of the question. Those who experience any inflammatory or infectious pelvic disorders, are allergic to their materials or are healing after surgery in the pelvic area, you must not use them. If you had hysterectomy you shouldn’t use cordless balls, because it could be dangerous. Pregnant ladies and mommies that are healing after delivery should have a talk with their doctor before trying the balls. Remember, no one is ever going to take better care of your body than yourself, so you must protect it. You should be cautious and if, for any reason, have second thoughts of the effect the balls would have on you, don’t hesitate to talk to your gynecologist.

Cleaning And Storage Advice

Washing with soap makes cleaning more effective and helps killing more bactreria
 Remember that personal hygiene is important for your well-being so never miss out on cleaning your balls before and after every use. Ben Wa balls don’t need any special cleaning products. Dipping them in warm water and rubbing them with some antibacterial hand soap should be enough to keep you safe from infections. Some materials, like metal, glass and silicone, can be sanitized by boiling them for a few minutes. Silicone balls can also be put in the microwave oven, the freezer or even the dishwasher. 

 What you really need to be careful of is balls with an attached string. It is wiser to disassemble them before cleaning in order to achieve more thorough results. Keep that in mind when you‘re in search of your ideal pair of balls. When you disassemble them you must remember that the hole where their cord fits in needs careful cleaning and might take a little more time to dry out completely. If there is any remaining water left in it, it may provide a happy environment for germs to grow and infection is more likely to occur. After your balls have dried out, put them back in their box.

 Always read carefully the instructions manual that come with your balls. Follow the cleaning and storage guidelines of the product’s manufacturer and don’t do anything that would jeopardize your health. If you don’t feel sure about something, don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer and ask them to answer your questions.

The Ultimate Buyer's Guide To Ben Wa Balls

 Since you came across my page during your online research on Ben Wa balls, I guess you could use an article that has done all the market research for you. Types of balls, sizes, materials, prices and tips on how to use them are the main points of this article that promises to save you from all the fuss of googling around and trying to combine scattered information so as to form your final opinion.

 Types Of Balls

 Traditional Ben Wa balls 

Solid Pink Quartz Ben Wa balls by Polar Jade
Ben Wa balls are small balls with a diameter of half an inch to 2 ½ inches (1.5 - 3.5 cm). A traditional pair of balls is made of solid metal. The balls were initially made of brass metal. They were hollow inside and one of them contained another smaller metal ball or mercury. The empty ball would go first into the vagina and then the other one would follow. After they were inserted in the body, the slightest move would make them touch causing vibrations to spread all over the vaginal walls. Women used to wear them and sit on a rocking chair for a pleasurable feeling. Pleasure balls have evolved through time, though, and today we have a few different types of balls to choose from, in order to suit all needs and tastes. Ben Wa balls today can be made of glass or silicone (but since these materials are lighter than metal, their size is a bit bigger).Their surface and texture may vary as well. You can find smooth, ribbed or dotted ones. They can also vibrate or contain off-centered weights. 
  One typical example are those Pink Quartz Ben Wa Balls by Polar Jade. They are not hollow, which means that they do not vibrate themselves, but they can stimulate your vaginal walls when moving inside you.

 Duotone balls
silver duotone balls-hollow ben wa balls that contain smaller balls for vibration
 A modern version of Ben Wa balls are Duotone balls. They are hollow balls containing smaller ones. As the smaller balls move inside the bigger ones, they cause vibrations which bring sexual stimulation to the carrier. Duotone balls are usually attached to a nylon string with a retrieval cord. This serves in easy removal and teasing as well, because when you tug the string the balls start vibrating and your vaginal walls start waking up. These types of balls are usually made of rubber, plastic or silicone. You may find Duotone balls that run on batteries and their string works as a controller of the vibration level.
 Those Silver String Duotone Balls can give you a clearer picture of this type of Ben Wa balls.

5-piece kegel exercise system
Kegel weights
 Another type of vaginal weights, working with a similar way to Ben Wa balls, are kegel weights. They are encapsulated shakers, like duotone balls. Their function is to use them while performing kegels. They are more rigid than the other types of balls and they offer stimulation as the shakers start moving during your training sessions. Those weights are usually silicone coated and are the biggest among the vaginal weights group. There are also kegel balls with adjustable weights. These offer the advantage of adding up to the weight you can lift as your PC muscles get stronger over practice; something that saves you money considering the fact that you buy one set of weights to cover multiple levels of competency. Kegel weights are not a sex toy, they are mostly used as exercising equipment to improve kegels efficiency.
 One set of Kegel weights that's really worth trying out is Nurse Hatty Premium Kegel Exercise System.

 Materials (pros and cons)

 The type of material used defines the whole experience because of the different qualities of each material. Ben Wa balls today are made of:

 · Stainless steel
 · Glass 
 · Silicone
 · Rubber
 · Jade

 We should get a better look at each material now before you decide on the one that’s best for you.

 Stainless steel: Steel is heavy and I would surely not recommend it to beginners. Balls made of steel are difficult to hold in because they have a smooth surface and slip easily. However, the good thing about them is that they are easy to clean with boiling water and soap.

 Glass: Glass pretty much like steel is a more advanced use’s’ material. They have also a smooth surface but are quite bigger in diameter than steel balls. Glass balls slide out easily and require quite an effort to keep them inside you. But, they are easy to clean, just like steel ones. You can put them in boiling water for better results.

 Silicone & rubber: These materials are the most suitable for beginners. They are light and easy to keep in. They are usually bigger than metal balls due to the fact that their density is smaller than metal’s. Due to their silicone nature they are softer and can be squeezed while performing kegels. One major downside though is that, these materials can be more porous than glass and steel and that makes them more difficult to clean thoroughly. Silicone balls, though, can be cleaned by dipping them in boiling water and sanitizing them like the glass ones. Silicone can also be frozen, microwaved or washed in a dishwasher.

 Jade: It is as slippery as glass and steel and certainly more difficult to handle by a beginner. Balls made of jade are also easy to clean in boiling water, but they might give you an annoying cold feeling if you don’t warm them up before use. Note here that jade is a material of spiritual significance as well, in Chinese culture it is believed to promote self-healing and women’s sexual health. So, jade balls are often surrounded by an air of mystery and spiritual energy.

 When it comes to choosing the material that best suits your needs and competence level, you must bear in mind that there are numerous of unsuitable products in the market. Always check that the balls you’re buying are made of body-safe, non-toxic materials. If you’re an old-school shopper and like to put your hands on a product before buying it, look for products from certified dealers. If you prefer online shopping, then it’s safer to trust reliable e-shops, like and always check various reviews on the items you’re interested in before making your final choice.


 Ben Wa balls and other variations of vaginal weights come alone or attached to a string for better control in teasing and safer removal. The original steel Ben Wa balls are cordless. Whether you go for string or string-less balls depends on your ability and taste. Balls connected with a string are easier to remove but they will give you a hard time sanitizing them, since they have some hard to reach spots. What is more, they can also be used in some back-door playing, because the removal cord won’t allow them to get lost inside you. On the other hand, unattached balls can easily be cleaned but need you to put quite an effort getting them out of you.

 Vibration or not?

acvioo remote controlled vibrating Ben Wa balls
If you wander around in a sex toy section you might come across vibrating Ben Wa balls. Those can be either remote controlled or have a cord-connected controller (but that makes them quite annoying to use). One great example of vibrating Ben Wa balls is the ACVIOO silicone Ben Wa ball massager. Due to their inner vibration system and controller their prices may rise higher than traditional balls. Vibrating balls often come with a variety of vibration levels and rhythms. A good alternative over them are wireless bullet vibrators or vibrating eggs. Anyway, vibrating Ben Wa balls are not kegel exercise material. They are mostly used in the bedroom, alone or with a partner, as a sex toy, either for stimulation or as a pleasure booster. When it comes to buying your vibrating balls keep your eyes open, because there are plenty of overpriced items on the market that won’t get you more than just a few uses.


 Ben Wa balls are an inexpensive sex toy-vaginal workout equipment. Their prices range from 2$ and might rise up to more than 200$. When it comes to making your decision don’t go for the more pricey option, as it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s gonna be the better. You should pay attention to the material you’re buying to make sure you get value for your money. Some products like vibrating balls and jade balls always cost more. But I believe that for about 20$ you will get a pair of balls to suit your needs and introduce you successfully to the world of Ben Wa balls.

 What works best for you

 When it comes to making up your mind you should consider the facts below:

 · Bigger sizes are easier to handle for beginners.
 · Plastic and silicone are more suitable for women with little or no experience.
 · Glass and steel are slippery and require more advanced technique and skill level.
 · As you advance in technique and ability, go for smaller and heavier balls (glass or metal).
 · Balls on a string are easier to remove but more difficult to clean.
 · Vibrating balls are merely a sex toy and not exercising material
 · Always check a product's size and weight before buying it, just to make sure it suits your needs.

 I hope that my research has been of help. You can always check out my Top-5 products for more ideas. Don’t hesitate to leave your comments and reviews on products you have tried. Useful information is always welcome on this page.
 Please, feel free to make any recommendations to cover future articles.

Top-5 Ben Wa Balls To Meet Your Needs

 When looking for a pair of Ben Wa balls, it's easy to get lost. The variety of products is huge and promises to satisfy every taste. In this article I'm going to share my Top-5 products with you.

 Number 1 - A Beginner's Item

Silicone kegel balls by Loveryoyo
 One of my favorite products for beginners is Loveryoyo's Kegel Exercise Kit. What I really love about them is their size, neither too big nor too small and their weight, they are quite light, so they won't give you a hard time keeping them in. These balls are made of soft, non-toxic, body-safe silicone which gives you a pleasant smooth feeling. The retrieval cord is also great for easy removal, something that worries most beginners. Their price is definitely a plus, if you want a product of good quality but you don't want to spend too much. 
 Loveryoyo's Kegel exercise kit is perfect both as kegel equipment and as a sexual stimulator due to the subtle feeling it offers. Once you've become more advanced in kegels you can go for another, heavier pair of balls. But I am pretty sure you're gonna love the experience with them.
 Note: These balls contain smaller weights that offer subtle vibrations to your vaginal walls. If you want something more intense, for pleasure only, you should try vibrating Ben Wa balls or you could combine them with a vibrator. 

 Number 2 -  Let's Work Out

Nurse Hatty's kegel exercise kit with silicone weights for pelvic floor strengthening
 The second place goes to a training kit that really worths trying. Nurse Hatty's Premium Kegel Exercise Weight System offers you top quality medical grade silicone weights. The kit contains 5 weights of different sizes and their shape works really good for keeping them in place. They work great for pelvic floor strengthening and they come with a complete user's manual, a premium towel and a storage pouch. The varying weights allow you to move up a level whenever you need to, without having to buy a new set ofweights. That considered, they can save you money in the long run. 

  Number 3 - One Or Two, It's Up To You

High grade silicone kegel balls by Shibari - perfect for vaginal strengthening
Shibari's Kegel Ball Kit is also something you would love to try. Made of high grade silicone, they are hypoallergenic and easy to clean. The kit includes one single ball and one double ball, both with a retrieval cord. They are perfect for pelvic floor muscle strengthening and increased stimulation. Being affordable is another plus. What I don't think would work though, is using them during penetrative sex, because their silicone handle might make things quite uncomfortable.

 Number 4 - Pay Less Please Best  
attached, silicone-coated kegel balls by vogue
One really worthy low-cost option are Silicone Coated Kegel Balls by VoGue. They are made of premium silicone and work great for pelvic floor toning. Their silicone handle makes removal easier and tugging increases sexual stimulation. The balls contain smaller metal balls that cause subtle vibrations for enhanced pleasure.
 I believe they are perfect not just for beginners. The only drawback I can think of is their cleaning; the little engraved lines need extra care when washing them.

 Number 5 - Advanced User's Toys

traditional, undrilled gemstone ben wa balls, made of black obsidian
 Women who have already experienced Ben Wa balls will love this pair of Undrilled, Black Obsidian Balls by Polar Jade. They come out in a size of 1-inch diameter and total weight of 36 grams or a 1.25-inch diameter and total weight of 68 grams. They are undrilled, which means they can't have a retrieval string so they need quite an effort to pull out, but being very easy to clean makes up for that. 
 Those balls work great for pelvic floor strengthening, but they can be a really fun sex toy as well. Given their size and weight, they can be used in foreplay and during intercourse as well. You can also use them with a vibrator for extra pleasure. I would definitely recommend them to any woman who wishes to spice up her sex life with or without a partner.

 -Always consult your doctor for any questions you might have concerning your health. 
 -Check the information that comes with the packaging before using your Ben Wa balls.
 -Never miss out on personal hygiene.
 -Take good care of your body and stop the moment you feel any pain or discomfort. Inform your doctor about it and let them determine whether you should continue using Ben Wa balls and kegel weights.

Sex Games With Ben Wa Balls

 Ben Wa balls can really make a difference in your sexual life. They can be used as a teaser, to get you turned on and keep you yearning for hours until you meet your love partner or have some fun on your own. Alternatively, they can be used in the bedroom as an orgasm ampliFIRE (pun intended) for both partners. Either way, you will have a ball using them…metaphorically and literally. 

Stimulation-On (teasing only) 

 Tease-balls for starters.

 Use your balls alone or with your partner to get you turned on before the main course. A little foreplay with the balls will certainly whet your appetite.

Treat yourself.
Woman lying in her bed You work hard every day. You are stressed and have a lot going on in your mind. You deserve to have some fun on your own. Insert your cord-connected balls and while you’re taking care of your clitoris use your other hand to tug on the balls’ string for extra pleasure. 

Chores can be fun!
 If you can keep your balls in while moving around, then you can use them to make housework less boring. Wear your balls vacuum the floor, wash the dishes or dust the furniture. You won’t get that turned on though as you’ll be concentrating on your tasks (a little lubricant might be needed here). But, leave laundry last and sit comfortably an your washing machine during the spin cycle. It’s definitely gonna help you relax ;) 

a relaxing bath can be more fun when using your ben wa balls Wet your balls. 
 For a relaxing foam bath, wear your balls and merge yourself in the hot water of your tub. Some scented candles will certainly bring a different atmosphere in your bathroom. Squeeze and release your muscles to get the balls moving inside you and don’t be afraid to use your fingers to massage your clitoris. Traditional Black Obsidian Ben Wa balls could provide healing and relaxing vibes, due to their stone's energy. 

 You’re seeing him tonight? Are you having inappropriate thoughts about him? Let’s double the feeling, shall we? Wear your balls for a couple of hours before meeting him. The vibrations caused by the balls along with your muscle contractions to keep them inside you, will keep you horny and make anticipation almost unbearable. It’s gonna be next to impossible not to prey on him the very moment you see him, just like a hungry predator. 

 Total Control (wear them in public) 

 Don’t drop the ball. 
 The first step, if you want to be able to wear your balls in public, is to gain total control over your muscles. Try to keep your balls in while moving around in the house. Start from a few steps and advance in time as you stick to your ball exercising routine and become stronger. 

 Hold if you’re bold. 
 If your muscles are strong enough and you feel confident of yourself, wear your balls in public. Nobody is going to tell you’re doing so, but you’ll be enjoying the feeling that porn scenarios are playing in your head the moment you’re ordering your latte or you’re grocery shopping. It should also make you better at flirting. Because you’ll be talking to the guy you like with a whole different attitude, when your balls are going up and down in your love tunnel. 

  Take me for a ride. 
 Wear your balls and ride your motorbike, go horse-back riding or why not take a roller coaster ride. The feeling of excitement will mingle with the feeling of arousal caused by the balls’ vibrations for an amazing experience. 
 Weighted balls, like this pair of Silver Stringed Ben Wa Balls, would provide extra vibrations in this case, making the experience a lot more intense. 

A Game For Two (play with a partner) 

 Share your little secret. 
 Introduce your balls to your partner. Wear them in front of him, send him pictures of you putting them inside you or just text him to let him know you’re wearing them throughout the day. Send him messages about the inappropriate content scenes that keep playing on your mind and wait for the time you meet to…play ball. 

Couple ready for foreplay
 Let him lead. 
 Let your partner put the balls inside you and decide where to take you out. Submit to his plans just for one evening and tell him what feelings you get at every moment. Let him command your moves while you’re around other people. Gentle squeezes, hard squeezes, quick short squeezes, he’s the boss now and he decides how your arousal goes. If you want to allow total control over you, you can try remote-controlled vibrating balls. Hand him the controller and enjoy! 

  Ball fishing. 
 If you’re using balls with cords, insert them into your vagina and let your partner tug on the string while you’re enjoying that pleasing sense of vibrations. Then, he can slowly try to pull them out (not too much though, you don’t want to remove them) as you squeeze your vaginal muscles to pull the balls back in. Some hand bondage would spice it up. You can try this game alone, of course, but it’s a lot more fun to do it with someone else. 

 Give me those vibes. 
 If you want to get a more intense vibrating feeling, you can use your vibrator with your balls. The combination of balls moving to the vibrations of your love device will amplify the sense of stimulation. You can put the vibrator inside you to get the balls shaking or you can attach it to the balls’ retrieval string that hangs outside and let vibrations transmit through it. The feeling can be enhanced externally as well. Wear your balls and use a clitoral massager to multiply the sources of pleasure. Orgasm is just around the corner and the good thing is, you don’t always need a partner to play this game. 

 Rolling with the ball. 
 Have your partner give you a massage in the pubic area. Let him roll over the balls around your lips (not your mouth, apparently), use one or both balls to gently massage your clitoris and your vagina opening. He can kiss all over the area, blow gently and lick you as well. Then have him insert the balls (maybe using his tongue after licking you all the way from the clitoris down to the vagina opening and with his fingers roll them inside you). Try to slightly contract your muscles to get the balls moving. Your partner can try to find your G-spot with his finger (or maybe a vibrator), while you keep tensing and releasing your vaginal muscles around his finger and the balls. 

 Indoor golf playing. 
 You can wear your balls while having sex as well. Imagine the balls rubbing on his love stick while his thrusting inside you. The pressure and friction will give both of you a new feeling and make orgasm amazing! You must be careful here, though. The size of the balls must be convenient for both partners, too big will be annoying whereas too small won’t give you any feeling. Also, if you never go bareback with your partner, then you should probably rule out this game, as friction might ruin the condom no matter how much lubrication you use. 

 If you got too intrigued, then take a look at my List Of Top-5 Ben Wa Ball ProductsThose balls promise to take pleasure to another level, but remember you should always feel comfortable with your body to have a healthy sex life. Ben Wa balls are just another means to bring you delight, but if your body doesn’t feel comfortable with them, then don’t push it. Like with any other sex toy, go as far as you can. Don’t do anything you don’t want to and don’t force anyone try anything they don’t want to. Listen to your body, allow it for the pleasure it deserves and take good care of it, ‘cause it’ll be carrying you for a lifetime.

Know of any other kinky ideas I missed? Let me know in the comments down below.