Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sex Quickies Vol.3: 15 Weird Ways To Orgasm

 Clitoral, vaginal, anal, yeah! They're all orgasms and they all occur during sexual activities. What about those orgasms that happen while doing activities that have nothing to do with sex? Here are some of the weirdest ways to reach climax.

 1. Childbirth:
Painful and unerotic as it may sound, it could be possible to experience a pleasuring sensation during labor. A pretty small percentage of 0.3% of women who gave birth at home (that means no meds and medical equipment to support them) claimed to have got orgasm-like feelings while giving birth. That could be because as the baby moves, it stimulates the vaginal areas responsible for climax.

woman in yoga pose
 2. Coregasm:
Core-strengthening exercises could induce orgasms. While performing crunches, rope-climbing, swimming, weight-lifting or even some yoga poses, the blood flow to the vaginal area increases, pressure is applied on the clitoris and orgasm could occur.

 3. Mindgasm:
A combination of deep breathing, sound making, pelvic muscles squeezing and using your imagination could induce orgasm-like feelings all over your body. Thinking really hard about it triggers the same brain parts as regular orgasms and then the explosion comes.

sexy woman's chest in black and white
4. Nipplegasm:
When nipples are stimulated, oxytocin is released. This causes contractions to the uterus and the vagina that could bring an orgasm.

 5. Belly button orgasm: 
Sex experts call it 'naval fetishization'. Stimulating the belly button hits the vagus nerve, the structure connecting the brain to the cervix. This could lead to climax. For men, it's the nerve that gives you this painful, nausea-like feeling when you get kicked in the balls.

 6. Thumbgasm: 
Or 'transfer orgasm' comes while gently massaging or sucking on your thumb. The erotic sensation is transferred to the brain, as if the thumb is a penis, and orgasm could happen.

woman sleeping on bed
 7. Dreaming:
During REM sleep we dream the most and at that time blood flow to the vagina increases. In combination with your dreams, not necessarily sexual ones, you could experience orgasms strong enough to wake you up.

 8. Sneezing:
It is said that sneezing is like 1/8 of an orgasm, but for some people the intensity of pleasure could be a lot greater.

sexy woman's feet
9. Foot orgasm:
For a woman nerve damage led to spontaneous orgasms during the day. She could get them just by walking barefoot. The nerve attachments could not differentiate her vagina from her foot, giving her orgasms while walking.

 10. Parkinson's drugs:
A 42-year-old woman went on rasagiline to control her Parkinson's condition and started experiencing increased arousal and libido which led to orgasms several times during the day. Doctors came to the conclusion that the increased dopamine levels in her blood, because of her medication, were to blame.

 11. Brushing your teeth:
One woman has been reported to experience strong orgasms while she was brushing her teeth. The woman had undergone botched surgery and was incapable of achieving orgasm. Imagine what an unexpected gift this was for her. (No more worrying about where to hide her sextoys, toothbrushes are other people's eyes)

woman having her hair cut
12. Haircuts:
There is a disorder called Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR). This condition can give orgasm-like experiences to your brain. Some people can get braingasm from just having a haircut. (Next time you're in a hair salon, give a better look to all the customers)

 13. Yawning:
There is a side effect for some types of medicine that can give you an orgasm each time you yawn.

 14. Persistant Genital Arousal Disorder:
PGAD is a condition that causes unexpected and persistent arousal, which is not related to desire. The arousal is uncontrollable and sometimes it can lead to climax.

 15. Brain chip:
Scientists have been working on a brain chip that will be able to trigger orgasms. This device will work not just by stimulating the nerves required to have an orgasm. It will also store and replay in your head sexual experiences of the carrier or other people as well.

 No matter how funny, creepy, weird or unerotic these orgasms might sound, they could happen. Sex is vital for our physical and mental well-being and orgasm is an essential element in a relationship. I hope you've enjoyed this article and feel free to roll around our website to find more interesting articles on sex, sex toyssex games and women's health (kegels and vaginal looseness).

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