Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sex Quickies Vol.2: 20 Weird Facts About Sex

 Sex is something both men and women need and enjoy. Below are 20 weird facts about it. Have a look!

relived woman lying on her back
1. Stress reliever:According to research, sexual activity lowers blood pressure, calms your nerves down and reduces stress levels.

 2. Immune system booster:
Getting turned on and having an orgasm have been claimed to make your immune system stronger. (This doesn’t mean you can skip on your medicine anytime you’re sick.)

 3. Lubrication works orgasms:
Right lubrication makes orgasm easier to get. On the contrary, too much lube doesn’t allow for needed friction and makes it hard to reach climax.

 4. Lesbian orgasm is more common:
Study showed that orgasm occurred in 7 out of 10 homosexual women and in 6 out of 10 bi- and heterosexual women.

 5. Swallow your cum, not your gum:
Sperm is low in calories (36cal/teaspoon) and contains a lot of nutrients.

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6. S-exercise after exercise:
Hitting the bedroom after gym is a really good idea. Exercise increases your testosterone levels and blood flow in your genital area becomes higher, so it is more possible to be in the mood.

 7. Men fake it too:
Survey showed that men can fake orgasms as well. Time to question everything, girls.

loving couple lying in bed and kissing
 8. Being in love increases the fun:
When you ‘re in love with your partner there is higher possibility to have mind-blowing sex.

 9. Condoms don’t always ruin the fun:
Condoms aren’t always responsible for spoiling the feeling. On the contrary, new ones can make sex even better (spotted, ribbed, extra thin, to name a few).

 10. Nipplegasm is not fiction:
Stimulating the nipples releases oxytocin which can cause orgasm-related uterine and vaginal contractions. These contractions increase blood flow in the genital area and for some women it can lead to orgasm.

 11. Cycle balancer:Researchers have found that having sex at least once a week can help your cycle become more regular.

 12. Pain does not feel the same while sex:
Arousal can make your pain tolerance higher. That explains why spanking feels good.

woman wearing black stockings
13. Socks might get you orgasms:
Ok, that may sound weird but cold feet give you a hard time reaching orgasm. So, put your stockings on and enjoy.

 14. Orgasm increases intimacy:Post-sex communication after having an orgasm can be more intimate.

 15. Vaginal orgasm is actually a clitoral one in disguise:
The clitoris is mostly subterranean (we only see the tip of the iceberg) and it is mostly found in the vagina. Stimulating the internal part of the clitoris can increase stimulation a great deal.

 16. Headache reliever:
woman suffering from headache
According to a study 60% of people suffering from migraines experienced less intense pain after sex.

 17. Women think about and want sex regularly:
A survey showed that half of the female participants don’t have sex as much as they’d like.

 18. Period sex is not forbidden:
Period sex is no longer a taboo as much as it used to be. For some women the days during period are the ones they feel more aroused and sexual, not to mention that the extra lubrication can make sex a lot more pleasurable (and messy, though).

 19. Missionary for back pain:
For women experiencing back pain, the missionary position with a pillow supported back is the most suitable position.

20. Ovulation could make you unfaithful:Women tend to get restless during their fertile days, so they’re more likely to succumb to temptation.

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