Friday, January 20, 2017

Cleaning And Storage Advice

Washing with soap makes cleaning more effective and helps killing more bactreria
 Remember that personal hygiene is important for your well-being so never miss out on cleaning your balls before and after every use. Ben Wa balls don’t need any special cleaning products. Dipping them in warm water and rubbing them with some antibacterial hand soap should be enough to keep you safe from infections. Some materials, like metal, glass and silicone, can be sanitized by boiling them for a few minutes. Silicone balls can also be put in the microwave oven, the freezer or even the dishwasher. 

 What you really need to be careful of is balls with an attached string. It is wiser to disassemble them before cleaning in order to achieve more thorough results. Keep that in mind when you‘re in search of your ideal pair of balls. When you disassemble them you must remember that the hole where their cord fits in needs careful cleaning and might take a little more time to dry out completely. If there is any remaining water left in it, it may provide a happy environment for germs to grow and infection is more likely to occur. After your balls have dried out, put them back in their box.

 Always read carefully the instructions manual that come with your balls. Follow the cleaning and storage guidelines of the product’s manufacturer and don’t do anything that would jeopardize your health. If you don’t feel sure about something, don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer and ask them to answer your questions.

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