Friday, January 20, 2017

Sex Games With Ben Wa Balls

 Ben Wa balls can really make a difference in your sexual life. They can be used as a teaser, to get you turned on and keep you yearning for hours until you meet your love partner or have some fun on your own. Alternatively, they can be used in the bedroom as an orgasm ampliFIRE (pun intended) for both partners. Either way, you will have a ball using them…metaphorically and literally. 

Stimulation-On (teasing only) 

 Tease-balls for starters.

 Use your balls alone or with your partner to get you turned on before the main course. A little foreplay with the balls will certainly whet your appetite.

Treat yourself.
Woman lying in her bed You work hard every day. You are stressed and have a lot going on in your mind. You deserve to have some fun on your own. Insert your cord-connected balls and while you’re taking care of your clitoris use your other hand to tug on the balls’ string for extra pleasure. 

Chores can be fun!
 If you can keep your balls in while moving around, then you can use them to make housework less boring. Wear your balls vacuum the floor, wash the dishes or dust the furniture. You won’t get that turned on though as you’ll be concentrating on your tasks (a little lubricant might be needed here). But, leave laundry last and sit comfortably an your washing machine during the spin cycle. It’s definitely gonna help you relax ;) 

a relaxing bath can be more fun when using your ben wa balls Wet your balls. 
 For a relaxing foam bath, wear your balls and merge yourself in the hot water of your tub. Some scented candles will certainly bring a different atmosphere in your bathroom. Squeeze and release your muscles to get the balls moving inside you and don’t be afraid to use your fingers to massage your clitoris. Traditional Black Obsidian Ben Wa balls could provide healing and relaxing vibes, due to their stone's energy. 

 You’re seeing him tonight? Are you having inappropriate thoughts about him? Let’s double the feeling, shall we? Wear your balls for a couple of hours before meeting him. The vibrations caused by the balls along with your muscle contractions to keep them inside you, will keep you horny and make anticipation almost unbearable. It’s gonna be next to impossible not to prey on him the very moment you see him, just like a hungry predator. 

 Total Control (wear them in public) 

 Don’t drop the ball. 
 The first step, if you want to be able to wear your balls in public, is to gain total control over your muscles. Try to keep your balls in while moving around in the house. Start from a few steps and advance in time as you stick to your ball exercising routine and become stronger. 

 Hold if you’re bold. 
 If your muscles are strong enough and you feel confident of yourself, wear your balls in public. Nobody is going to tell you’re doing so, but you’ll be enjoying the feeling that porn scenarios are playing in your head the moment you’re ordering your latte or you’re grocery shopping. It should also make you better at flirting. Because you’ll be talking to the guy you like with a whole different attitude, when your balls are going up and down in your love tunnel. 

  Take me for a ride. 
 Wear your balls and ride your motorbike, go horse-back riding or why not take a roller coaster ride. The feeling of excitement will mingle with the feeling of arousal caused by the balls’ vibrations for an amazing experience. 
 Weighted balls, like this pair of Silver Stringed Ben Wa Balls, would provide extra vibrations in this case, making the experience a lot more intense. 

A Game For Two (play with a partner) 

 Share your little secret. 
 Introduce your balls to your partner. Wear them in front of him, send him pictures of you putting them inside you or just text him to let him know you’re wearing them throughout the day. Send him messages about the inappropriate content scenes that keep playing on your mind and wait for the time you meet to…play ball. 

Couple ready for foreplay
 Let him lead. 
 Let your partner put the balls inside you and decide where to take you out. Submit to his plans just for one evening and tell him what feelings you get at every moment. Let him command your moves while you’re around other people. Gentle squeezes, hard squeezes, quick short squeezes, he’s the boss now and he decides how your arousal goes. If you want to allow total control over you, you can try remote-controlled vibrating balls. Hand him the controller and enjoy! 

  Ball fishing. 
 If you’re using balls with cords, insert them into your vagina and let your partner tug on the string while you’re enjoying that pleasing sense of vibrations. Then, he can slowly try to pull them out (not too much though, you don’t want to remove them) as you squeeze your vaginal muscles to pull the balls back in. Some hand bondage would spice it up. You can try this game alone, of course, but it’s a lot more fun to do it with someone else. 

 Give me those vibes. 
 If you want to get a more intense vibrating feeling, you can use your vibrator with your balls. The combination of balls moving to the vibrations of your love device will amplify the sense of stimulation. You can put the vibrator inside you to get the balls shaking or you can attach it to the balls’ retrieval string that hangs outside and let vibrations transmit through it. The feeling can be enhanced externally as well. Wear your balls and use a clitoral massager to multiply the sources of pleasure. Orgasm is just around the corner and the good thing is, you don’t always need a partner to play this game. 

 Rolling with the ball. 
 Have your partner give you a massage in the pubic area. Let him roll over the balls around your lips (not your mouth, apparently), use one or both balls to gently massage your clitoris and your vagina opening. He can kiss all over the area, blow gently and lick you as well. Then have him insert the balls (maybe using his tongue after licking you all the way from the clitoris down to the vagina opening and with his fingers roll them inside you). Try to slightly contract your muscles to get the balls moving. Your partner can try to find your G-spot with his finger (or maybe a vibrator), while you keep tensing and releasing your vaginal muscles around his finger and the balls. 

 Indoor golf playing. 
 You can wear your balls while having sex as well. Imagine the balls rubbing on his love stick while his thrusting inside you. The pressure and friction will give both of you a new feeling and make orgasm amazing! You must be careful here, though. The size of the balls must be convenient for both partners, too big will be annoying whereas too small won’t give you any feeling. Also, if you never go bareback with your partner, then you should probably rule out this game, as friction might ruin the condom no matter how much lubrication you use. 

 If you got too intrigued, then take a look at my List Of Top-5 Ben Wa Ball ProductsThose balls promise to take pleasure to another level, but remember you should always feel comfortable with your body to have a healthy sex life. Ben Wa balls are just another means to bring you delight, but if your body doesn’t feel comfortable with them, then don’t push it. Like with any other sex toy, go as far as you can. Don’t do anything you don’t want to and don’t force anyone try anything they don’t want to. Listen to your body, allow it for the pleasure it deserves and take good care of it, ‘cause it’ll be carrying you for a lifetime.

Know of any other kinky ideas I missed? Let me know in the comments down below.

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