Friday, January 20, 2017

How Ben Wa Balls Work

 Pubococcygeous  muscle – The mastermind of pleasure

 The pubococcygeous muscle (PC for short) resembles a hammock in shape. It stretches from the pelvic bone to the tail bone (coccyx if you want to sound more scientific) and forms the floor of the pelvic cavity. The muscles of the pelvic cavity support the vagina and uterus (in women), the bladder, the urethra and the rectum. They also provide core stability to the rest of your body.

The pubococcygeous is the muscle that supports the organs of the pelvic floor cavity
The PC is a multifunctional muscle found both in men and women. It controls urine flow, contracts during orgasm and helps male ejaculation. Adding to these, this muscle assists in childbirth, since, when being strong enough, it helps the proper positioning of the baby’s head. A strong PC muscle also aids in urinary incontinence (as proven by some studies) and is also responsible for supporting your core (providing a stable base for it).

 Don’t mistake the PC muscle with the vaginal muscle. The latter is the one responsible for stretching and relaxing the vaginal walls. These two muscles cooperate with the PC providing the support to the vaginal muscle. In cases of vaginal looseness, the PC makes up for the lost elasticity of the vagina.

 Enough with the HOUSE MD stuff. Now, let’s play a quiz. 

 - As stated above, the PC muscle contracts during orgasm and what happens when your PC muscle is not in shape?
 - Your sexual life might be dull and pleasure hard to reach.

 - Question number two: What do we do in order to get a muscle toned up?
 - Exercise.
 Brilliant! That’s what your PC muscle needs as well, so as to leverage 100% of its potential.

 - Question number three: Where are you supposed to get PC muscle exercise?
 - The answer is anywhere, anytime, alone or around other people.
 All you need is a six-letter word: K E G E L S. Kegels are some simple exercises intended to strengthen your PC muscles and can be performed by tensing and relaxing them for a certain amount of seconds.

 - Question number four: How can any form of exercise become more efficient?
 - With the use of special equipment, of course.
 When it comes to Kegels, Ben Wa balls and Kegel weights are the only equipment you’ll need. There are various training kits on the market that are perfect for your kegels, just like Intimate Rose - Kegel Exercise Training Kit. Those kits contain exercising equipment of different weights to cover for different levels of competency.

 - And the last question for an extraordinary orgasm prize is: What do you get when a well-exercised and strong PC muscle reaches climax?
 - Fireworks! 

 The point I’m trying to make here is that, no matter how good sex you have, how intense orgasms you get, there is always room for future progress. And those balls of pleasure are here to advance your personal satisfaction. By using them on a regular basis you can achieve better control of your pelvic floor muscle, therefore better contractions during intercourse and loads of pleasure for you and your partner as well. Kegel exercises are a very good way to work out those muscles and make your love life even more amazing. When you add Ben Wa balls to your “training” sessions, exercise becomes more challenging and more effective in time. And after a while, as you become better and gain a lot more control over your body, you may introduce your s-exercising equipment to your bedroom and have a work-out with your partner inside you. Doesn’t that sound fun? ‘Cause, trust me, some kinds of exercise are better when performed with a partner ;-)

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