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The Ultimate Kegels Guide

 Exercise Guide - Variations 

 The basic kegel movement is one, simple and effective. There can be several variations and combinations in order to avoid the work-out routine and boost its results. An exercise might become more complex by adding certain moves for more advanced training or complementary equipment. In another article we’re going through all the available equipment for vaginal tone-up.

 Kegels Alone

 One really popular variation are Pull-In Kegels. For this exercise you need to lie on your back, knees bent, feet on the ground. When you’re ready, tense your buttocks and pull your legs up and in (knees remain bent). Hold your position for 5 seconds, then release for another 5 seconds and repeat 10 times in a row.

 This exercise should be done 4 times a day adding 5 more reps to each set every week. Once you get to 40 reps per set, stop increasing the reps. Within 3 months of practice you should feel strong enough and have total control over your muscles; then you can go back to sets of 10, just like in the beginning.

 These are quick clench-and-release movements. Repeat as many as you can whenever you can.

 Squeeze Me More And More
 This exercise adds up in tension level. Contract your PC muscles for 5 seconds, then tighten them a bit more for another 5 seconds. Try the hardest you can for another 5 seconds and start releasing following the same steps backwards (loose tension gradually)

 The Clamshell
 While performing the classic gym clamshell exercise (lying on one side, bend your upper leg’s knee and pull your leg up tensing your hip and buttock), try to tense your PC muscles at the same time with your leg lift. Tense when raising your leg, release when putting your leg down. Repeat 10-15 times on each side.

 The Bridge
 Doing kegels while performing the bridge exercise is a good combination for strengthening your glutes and PC muscles. Lie on you back, knees bent, feet on the floor. Squeeze your buttocks and raise your pelvis, contract your PC muscles as well and hold for a few seconds. Return to previous position and repeat 10 times.

 The Wave
 For this exercise you need to imagine your pelvic floor as a set of 3 attached loops. The first is contains the urethra, the second is the vagina and the third is the anus. Each loop is controlled by a set of muscles. For this advanced level exercise you need to contract all loops gradually, starting backwards (from the third to the first). Hold the contraction for a few seconds, then release from the front to the back. Set a goal of 5 reps.

 The Elevator
 This is an exercise that requires concentration. Think of your vagina as an elevator shaft of a 5-storey building. Gradually take it from the ground floor to the fifth and then all the way down. Rest for 30 seconds and repeat 10 times a day.

 Kangaroo Kegels
 Picture you as a kangaroo that wants to lift its tail in the air and back down again. Repeat 10 times.

 Super Kegels
 It’s the basic kegel contraction only you have to hold it for 30 seconds with a 30 second break. This exercise requires a lot of effort, even for well-toned muscles. Remember not to hold your breath and keep the muscles of your abdomen, buttocks or legs relaxed.

 Pelvic Floor Bulging
 This exercise resembles the movement of releasing the baby during labor, so it is only suitable for pregnant ladies in the last weeks of pregnancy. After doing a super kegel hold your breath and try to bulge your pelvic floor as if you want it to touch the floor or like you’re blowing up a balloon inside it 

 Varied Positioning
 When you master the kegel variations, you can try them in different positions. Sitting up, lying down, squatting, on all fours or tailor sitting, the options are many, so choose what works best for you.

 Balls In

Weighted Kegel Balls With Retrieval String
 If you want to enrich your training routine, you can try kegels with your personal set of Ben Wa balls. if you're a beginner, you can try them out Ben Wa balls designed for kegels (like these Weighted Ben Wa Balls by Loveryoyo).
 For more advanced users, Kegels can be performed with traditional Ben Wa balls as well (like these Rose Quartz Ben Wa Ball by Polar Jade). 

 Here is a recommended series of movements to help you get started. Most of the exercises should be performed in a standing position in order for gravity to do its work and multiply the effectiveness of each exercise. But, if your muscle tone is poor, start by lying down and gradually try to perform the exercises kneeling and after a while do them on your feet. Exercise daily and gradually increase the duration of your work-out as you advance in time. Start from 5-10 minutes a day. Personally, I don’t think that training for hours does more work than a half-hour training. Straining your muscles for longer than they can endure, causes fatigue and makes it difficult for them to function properly.

 1. Insert the balls to your vagina and try to squeeze them the hardest you can using the vaginal walls. Hold the contraction for 2-5 seconds and rest for 10. Repeat 10 times.

 2. Pretty much like in the “Elevator” exercise think of your pelvic floor muscles as a building of 3 levels: lower, middle and upper. The lower muscles are in control of the opening of the vagina and they are the most developed. The middle muscles are the vaginal muscles themselves, the ones in charge of the vaginal wall movements. Finally, the third ones are the muscles of the uterine cervix area. 

 When you insert the balls, try to hold them in by tensing the muscles of the first level. After that, breathe deep and try to squeeze the balls tensing the muscles of the second level. Then, try to move the balls up and down and from the left to the right using the muscles of both levels. To get the balls moving you must put different amount of pressure to different muscle levels. This is a challenging and difficult exercise, but once you learn how to use these muscles, you’ll take it to the next level and learn how to feel and use the upper muscles as well.

 3. Put your balls inside your vagina and leave the strings out. Tighten your PC muscles while gently tugging on the string. If you’re a beginner, do the exercise lying down. As you become better you may do it in a standing position and/or use heavier balls.

 4. Sit and cross your legs. Tighten your PC muscles for 15 short inhales. Then slowly release your muscles and breath. Relax for 10 seconds and repeat 10 times.

 5. Contract your muscles trying to keep your balls in and tug on their string for 3-5 seconds. Relax for 5 seconds and repeat 10 times.

 6. If you own a set of two balls, you can try to squeeze out the first one and then try to pull it back in.

 Weight Lifting


adding weights to your exercise program makes your training more effective
Kegel weights are also a good piece of equipment when it comes to training.  One piece of equipment that I find perfect to suit all levels of competency is Nurse Hatti Premium Kegel Exercise Weight system

5-piece Kegel Exercise Training Kit

 For a kegel weight session start in standing position and insert the cones as if you’re putting on a tampon, only lower in the vagina (you can use some lubrication if you need to). The retrieval string should be outside the vagina and with your finger you should be able to feel the base of the weight. 

 The aim of the exercise is to contract the PC muscles to help the weight stay in place. Each contraction should last 5-10 seconds and allow for another 5-10 second rest after it. With every contraction the cone should feel like it’s moving upwards to the vagina and falling out during relax time. If the cone falls out when contracting your muscles, then you may have put it lower than you should or you’re just using your abdominal muscles instead of your PC. 

If you feel you need to provide support to the cone, rest your hand right under the vagina or replace it with a lighter weight. If you can’t hold the cone in, even the lightest one, then try the exercise lying on your back with your knees up, at least for a few times until you get strong enough to do it standing. A routine session lasts 15-20 minutes twice a day and no more. If you’re getting tired sooner, then stop, rest and try again later. Your endurance will build up in time along with your pelvic floor strength.

 You can find more information on exercise equipment for kegels in this article

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