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The Ultimate Buyer's Guide To Ben Wa Balls

 Since you came across my page during your online research on Ben Wa balls, I guess you could use an article that has done all the market research for you. Types of balls, sizes, materials, prices and tips on how to use them are the main points of this article that promises to save you from all the fuss of googling around and trying to combine scattered information so as to form your final opinion.

 Types Of Balls

 Traditional Ben Wa balls 

Solid Pink Quartz Ben Wa balls by Polar Jade
Ben Wa balls are small balls with a diameter of half an inch to 2 ½ inches (1.5 - 3.5 cm). A traditional pair of balls is made of solid metal. The balls were initially made of brass metal. They were hollow inside and one of them contained another smaller metal ball or mercury. The empty ball would go first into the vagina and then the other one would follow. After they were inserted in the body, the slightest move would make them touch causing vibrations to spread all over the vaginal walls. Women used to wear them and sit on a rocking chair for a pleasurable feeling. Pleasure balls have evolved through time, though, and today we have a few different types of balls to choose from, in order to suit all needs and tastes. Ben Wa balls today can be made of glass or silicone (but since these materials are lighter than metal, their size is a bit bigger).Their surface and texture may vary as well. You can find smooth, ribbed or dotted ones. They can also vibrate or contain off-centered weights. 
  One typical example are those Pink Quartz Ben Wa Balls by Polar Jade. They are not hollow, which means that they do not vibrate themselves, but they can stimulate your vaginal walls when moving inside you.

 Duotone balls
silver duotone balls-hollow ben wa balls that contain smaller balls for vibration
 A modern version of Ben Wa balls are Duotone balls. They are hollow balls containing smaller ones. As the smaller balls move inside the bigger ones, they cause vibrations which bring sexual stimulation to the carrier. Duotone balls are usually attached to a nylon string with a retrieval cord. This serves in easy removal and teasing as well, because when you tug the string the balls start vibrating and your vaginal walls start waking up. These types of balls are usually made of rubber, plastic or silicone. You may find Duotone balls that run on batteries and their string works as a controller of the vibration level.
 Those Silver String Duotone Balls can give you a clearer picture of this type of Ben Wa balls.

5-piece kegel exercise system
Kegel weights
 Another type of vaginal weights, working with a similar way to Ben Wa balls, are kegel weights. They are encapsulated shakers, like duotone balls. Their function is to use them while performing kegels. They are more rigid than the other types of balls and they offer stimulation as the shakers start moving during your training sessions. Those weights are usually silicone coated and are the biggest among the vaginal weights group. There are also kegel balls with adjustable weights. These offer the advantage of adding up to the weight you can lift as your PC muscles get stronger over practice; something that saves you money considering the fact that you buy one set of weights to cover multiple levels of competency. Kegel weights are not a sex toy, they are mostly used as exercising equipment to improve kegels efficiency.
 One set of Kegel weights that's really worth trying out is Nurse Hatty Premium Kegel Exercise System.

 Materials (pros and cons)

 The type of material used defines the whole experience because of the different qualities of each material. Ben Wa balls today are made of:

 · Stainless steel
 · Glass 
 · Silicone
 · Rubber
 · Jade

 We should get a better look at each material now before you decide on the one that’s best for you.

 Stainless steel: Steel is heavy and I would surely not recommend it to beginners. Balls made of steel are difficult to hold in because they have a smooth surface and slip easily. However, the good thing about them is that they are easy to clean with boiling water and soap.

 Glass: Glass pretty much like steel is a more advanced use’s’ material. They have also a smooth surface but are quite bigger in diameter than steel balls. Glass balls slide out easily and require quite an effort to keep them inside you. But, they are easy to clean, just like steel ones. You can put them in boiling water for better results.

 Silicone & rubber: These materials are the most suitable for beginners. They are light and easy to keep in. They are usually bigger than metal balls due to the fact that their density is smaller than metal’s. Due to their silicone nature they are softer and can be squeezed while performing kegels. One major downside though is that, these materials can be more porous than glass and steel and that makes them more difficult to clean thoroughly. Silicone balls, though, can be cleaned by dipping them in boiling water and sanitizing them like the glass ones. Silicone can also be frozen, microwaved or washed in a dishwasher.

 Jade: It is as slippery as glass and steel and certainly more difficult to handle by a beginner. Balls made of jade are also easy to clean in boiling water, but they might give you an annoying cold feeling if you don’t warm them up before use. Note here that jade is a material of spiritual significance as well, in Chinese culture it is believed to promote self-healing and women’s sexual health. So, jade balls are often surrounded by an air of mystery and spiritual energy.

 When it comes to choosing the material that best suits your needs and competence level, you must bear in mind that there are numerous of unsuitable products in the market. Always check that the balls you’re buying are made of body-safe, non-toxic materials. If you’re an old-school shopper and like to put your hands on a product before buying it, look for products from certified dealers. If you prefer online shopping, then it’s safer to trust reliable e-shops, like and always check various reviews on the items you’re interested in before making your final choice.


 Ben Wa balls and other variations of vaginal weights come alone or attached to a string for better control in teasing and safer removal. The original steel Ben Wa balls are cordless. Whether you go for string or string-less balls depends on your ability and taste. Balls connected with a string are easier to remove but they will give you a hard time sanitizing them, since they have some hard to reach spots. What is more, they can also be used in some back-door playing, because the removal cord won’t allow them to get lost inside you. On the other hand, unattached balls can easily be cleaned but need you to put quite an effort getting them out of you.

 Vibration or not?

acvioo remote controlled vibrating Ben Wa balls
If you wander around in a sex toy section you might come across vibrating Ben Wa balls. Those can be either remote controlled or have a cord-connected controller (but that makes them quite annoying to use). One great example of vibrating Ben Wa balls is the ACVIOO silicone Ben Wa ball massager. Due to their inner vibration system and controller their prices may rise higher than traditional balls. Vibrating balls often come with a variety of vibration levels and rhythms. A good alternative over them are wireless bullet vibrators or vibrating eggs. Anyway, vibrating Ben Wa balls are not kegel exercise material. They are mostly used in the bedroom, alone or with a partner, as a sex toy, either for stimulation or as a pleasure booster. When it comes to buying your vibrating balls keep your eyes open, because there are plenty of overpriced items on the market that won’t get you more than just a few uses.


 Ben Wa balls are an inexpensive sex toy-vaginal workout equipment. Their prices range from 2$ and might rise up to more than 200$. When it comes to making your decision don’t go for the more pricey option, as it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s gonna be the better. You should pay attention to the material you’re buying to make sure you get value for your money. Some products like vibrating balls and jade balls always cost more. But I believe that for about 20$ you will get a pair of balls to suit your needs and introduce you successfully to the world of Ben Wa balls.

 What works best for you

 When it comes to making up your mind you should consider the facts below:

 · Bigger sizes are easier to handle for beginners.
 · Plastic and silicone are more suitable for women with little or no experience.
 · Glass and steel are slippery and require more advanced technique and skill level.
 · As you advance in technique and ability, go for smaller and heavier balls (glass or metal).
 · Balls on a string are easier to remove but more difficult to clean.
 · Vibrating balls are merely a sex toy and not exercising material
 · Always check a product's size and weight before buying it, just to make sure it suits your needs.

 I hope that my research has been of help. You can always check out my Top-5 products for more ideas. Don’t hesitate to leave your comments and reviews on products you have tried. Useful information is always welcome on this page.
 Please, feel free to make any recommendations to cover future articles.

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