Friday, January 20, 2017

Top-5 Ben Wa Balls To Meet Your Needs

 When looking for a pair of Ben Wa balls, it's easy to get lost. The variety of products is huge and promises to satisfy every taste. In this article I'm going to share my Top-5 products with you.

 Number 1 - A Beginner's Item

Silicone kegel balls by Loveryoyo
 One of my favorite products for beginners is Loveryoyo's Kegel Exercise Kit. What I really love about them is their size, neither too big nor too small and their weight, they are quite light, so they won't give you a hard time keeping them in. These balls are made of soft, non-toxic, body-safe silicone which gives you a pleasant smooth feeling. The retrieval cord is also great for easy removal, something that worries most beginners. Their price is definitely a plus, if you want a product of good quality but you don't want to spend too much. 
 Loveryoyo's Kegel exercise kit is perfect both as kegel equipment and as a sexual stimulator due to the subtle feeling it offers. Once you've become more advanced in kegels you can go for another, heavier pair of balls. But I am pretty sure you're gonna love the experience with them.
 Note: These balls contain smaller weights that offer subtle vibrations to your vaginal walls. If you want something more intense, for pleasure only, you should try vibrating Ben Wa balls or you could combine them with a vibrator. 

 Number 2 -  Let's Work Out

Nurse Hatty's kegel exercise kit with silicone weights for pelvic floor strengthening
 The second place goes to a training kit that really worths trying. Nurse Hatty's Premium Kegel Exercise Weight System offers you top quality medical grade silicone weights. The kit contains 5 weights of different sizes and their shape works really good for keeping them in place. They work great for pelvic floor strengthening and they come with a complete user's manual, a premium towel and a storage pouch. The varying weights allow you to move up a level whenever you need to, without having to buy a new set ofweights. That considered, they can save you money in the long run. 

  Number 3 - One Or Two, It's Up To You

High grade silicone kegel balls by Shibari - perfect for vaginal strengthening
Shibari's Kegel Ball Kit is also something you would love to try. Made of high grade silicone, they are hypoallergenic and easy to clean. The kit includes one single ball and one double ball, both with a retrieval cord. They are perfect for pelvic floor muscle strengthening and increased stimulation. Being affordable is another plus. What I don't think would work though, is using them during penetrative sex, because their silicone handle might make things quite uncomfortable.

 Number 4 - Pay Less Please Best  
attached, silicone-coated kegel balls by vogue
One really worthy low-cost option are Silicone Coated Kegel Balls by VoGue. They are made of premium silicone and work great for pelvic floor toning. Their silicone handle makes removal easier and tugging increases sexual stimulation. The balls contain smaller metal balls that cause subtle vibrations for enhanced pleasure.
 I believe they are perfect not just for beginners. The only drawback I can think of is their cleaning; the little engraved lines need extra care when washing them.

 Number 5 - Advanced User's Toys

traditional, undrilled gemstone ben wa balls, made of black obsidian
 Women who have already experienced Ben Wa balls will love this pair of Undrilled, Black Obsidian Balls by Polar Jade. They come out in a size of 1-inch diameter and total weight of 36 grams or a 1.25-inch diameter and total weight of 68 grams. They are undrilled, which means they can't have a retrieval string so they need quite an effort to pull out, but being very easy to clean makes up for that. 
 Those balls work great for pelvic floor strengthening, but they can be a really fun sex toy as well. Given their size and weight, they can be used in foreplay and during intercourse as well. You can also use them with a vibrator for extra pleasure. I would definitely recommend them to any woman who wishes to spice up her sex life with or without a partner.

 -Always consult your doctor for any questions you might have concerning your health. 
 -Check the information that comes with the packaging before using your Ben Wa balls.
 -Never miss out on personal hygiene.
 -Take good care of your body and stop the moment you feel any pain or discomfort. Inform your doctor about it and let them determine whether you should continue using Ben Wa balls and kegel weights.

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