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What Are Yoni Eggs

Some History Catch-Up

Chinese Concubine Sitting
Originating from ancient China about 4000 years ago and used by empresses and concubines, yoni eggs have a long history and plenty of promised benefits. Those gemstone eggs have been used for years as a means of awakening sensuality, gaining sexual power and improving women's health. Yoni eggs or jade eggs or love eggs are the same thing and carry a lot more spiritual power than Ben Wa balls. Taoist sexual practices include them as well. A yoni egg, unlike Ben Wa balls, is mostly used in private and guides the woman to the discovery and full understanding of her sensuality. 

 The yoni egg got its name from Sanskrit, where "yoni" means "sacred place" and is a word to describe the woman's genitalia, the womb where all life derives from. Trust me, the yoni experience is something a lot deeper and more spiritual than Ben Wa balls. The stones that eggs are made of offer various healing benefits for your body. They share some benefits with Ben Wa balls, but those eggs promise to give you something different.

 Benefits For Your Body

 Yoni eggs work with on the same group of muscles as Ben Wa balls, so they have the same positive effects on you.

 - Practicing with a yoni egg helps you gain control over your "yoni" and your vaginal muscles. Therefore, yoni eggs can help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and have better control over them. That means a tighter vagina, more sensitive to touch, better orgasms for you and a more pleasing feeling for your partner. 

 - Women dealing with  urinary incontinence issues may benefit from the eggs as well. 

 - Menopausal symptoms can become a lot milder after regular practice, as vaginal lubrication increases naturally and estrogen levels are balanced.

 - Some women notice that menstrual cramps and PMS are not so intense too.

 Benefits For The Soul

Meditating with a yoni egg transforms a woman body and soul
Like I said before, yoni eggs are made of gemstones. Their material defines the type of energy the eggs transmit and absorb, taking your experience with them to another, more spiritual, mystical level, allowing you to get in touch with your deeper self and discover your sexual energy and potential. Your spiritual transformation is on its way!

- Yoni eggs awaken your sensuality, passion and libido.

 - They bring emotional harmony.

 - You get in touch with your sexuality and learn how to fully understand and control it. 

 - The stones' healing powers can dissolve all negative energy gathered in your yoni, cleansing traumatic experiences of the past.

 Of course, if you are not into meditation and positive energy stuff, all these might sound like guru-crap. But for the ones out there who are looking for something alternative and more spiritual, the yoni experience definitely is worth trying.

A Full Description

Set of three jade eggs
Shapes And Sizes
 Yoni eggs are egg-shaped crystals or gemstones. They usually come in 3 sizes (small - medium - large) to suit different levels of competency. Their size ranges from 30 - 45 mm (approximately 1.2 - 1.8 inches). Their narrow end may be drilled in order to attach a string (or, more often, unwaxed dental floss) before use. This helps for easier and safer removal, but is more demanding in cleaning, because the little hole can provide a happy place for germs. After each use the string is disconnected and thrown away. 


Nephrite Jade, Rose Quartz and Obsidian Yoni Eggs
The eggs were initially made from jade, an expensive material, affordable only by the wealthy. That's the reason why yoni eggs were mainly used by empresses and concubines. Jade has been one of the most processed stones in egg-making, but it also tends to be high-priced and discolored, a quality that offers the advantage of being able to bleach, dye and fill a lot more often than other crystals. Other than jade, there are plenty of gemstones to make yoni eggs from. Obsidian, quartz, nephrite and aventurine are some of them. Each type of crystal bears specific unique energy and for this reason it has its distinctive type of vibration. The eggs' healing powers lie within this specific vibration.
 In this picture you can view a set of Nephrite Jade, Rose Quartz and Obsidian Yoni Eggs by Polar Jade. All these stones have varied healing capacities. Nephrite jade carries protective energy, it can balance and stabilize and provide emotional healing. Rose quartz has to do with love, emitting a healing energy of calmness. It can help us open the heart chakra. Obsidian holds great transformational energy. It is a grounding stone which helps us connect to mother Earth and strengthen the root chakra.

What To Use Your Egg For

 A lot of women use their yoni eggs solely for physical pleasure and improvement. Yoni eggs are beneficial in vaginal tightening and can enhance sexual stimulation for more pleasurable sexual experiences. 

 But the eggs' beneficial effects are not limited to your body. Spiritual healing is another gift those stones have to offer. Past traumas, painful memories, fears and issues of abandonment, rejection and abuse form negative energy which is gradually bound around your hips and pelvic floor, the center of your feminine essence. Working with a healing yoni egg can help you disengage from your painful past and release you from the negative energy that's been wearing you out. 

How To Use Your Egg

 Getting the egg ready
 Once you get your egg you need to prepare it properly before using it for the first time. Boil some water and then pour it in a cup with your egg inside, leave it to rest for 10 - 15 minutes and don't use any soap or detergent and don't boil the egg as it will spoil its healing powers. Another way of cleaning your egg is with vinegar. 

 There are also several cleansing practices for your yoni egg. Cleansing helps purifying the egg and discharging all negative energy. Washing it with salt water, bathing it in a river or ocean, using other stones to cleanse it overnight are the most popular ways.

 Stringing before inserting
 It is wise to use drilled eggs and string them before use (unwaxed dental floss is a very good option). The string will allow you to remove the egg easier, just like Ben Wa balls.

 To remove push out with your vaginal muscles while you gently pull the egg's string. You can find more information on how to remove your egg in this article

 Let's start
 A session with your yoni egg is a very personal experience, in fact it's quality time with yourself, so it's better to do it alone, in a quiet place, undisturbed by anything. Before inserting your egg, you must relax and prepare your body. Some gentle breast massage with circular moves will help stimulate your kidneys and bladder and will also activate your endocrine glands.

 To release stress or tension from your pelvic area you can move your hips and pelvic muscles. As soon as your body is totally relaxed, it is ready to welcome the egg inside you. Lie on your back and open your legs, if you feel you need it, use some lubricant to help you glide the egg in. The larger part of the egg goes in first, you need no effort to get it all in, just a gentle push and then let your muscles do all the work by pulling the egg in.

 Some women use the egg during intercourse as well. The eggs work like Ben Wa balls, offering extra friction to both partners, massaging the man's penis for more pleasure. 

 It is important to clean your egg after use. A water and vinegar solution (one tablespoon of vinegar per quart of water is enough). It is advisable that you also cleanse your egg from time to time to discharge all the negative energy it absorbs from you. When you are done with your daily egg ritual store it in a safe place. Some women even make a type of altar for it, having other stones around it to positive charge their egg.

 You shouldn't be using your egg while menstruating. Also, for women experiencing medical conditions in their pelvic area vaginal weights, Ben Wa balls and yoni eggs are out of the question. It is always advisable to consult your doctor before trying any of these practices presented here. Remember to always love and take care of your body, because you deserve it.

Yoni Egg Secret: The Definite Guide by Namaste Moore
 You can find more information, exercise guides and tips about yoni eggs on the book "Yoni Egg Secrets - The Definite Guide" by Namaste Moore.    

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