Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Sex Quickies Vol.1: Finding 'Big O'

 Finding 'Big O' - 20 Tips for a stronger orgasm 

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 Not every girl n the world screams with pleasure whenever she has sex. For some women orgasm requires a lot of work while for others it can be a distant dream. 

 Here are some quick tips to help you all the way in finding that precious orgasm you might be looking for.

 1. Love yourself:
Frequent masturbation has been proved to offer more frequent orgasms during intercourse.

 2. No distractions:
If you have difficulty in concentrating on your search for O, remove everything in the room that might affect your concentration (turn cell off, dim lights, put away children’s toys...).

 3. Foreplay as we lay:
Never miss out on warm-up before having sex. Research shows that 21 minutes of foreplay is enough for most women to reach orgasm.

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4. Erogenous zones forgotten:
Don’t neglect your erogenous zones. Have your partner discover the parts of your body that can add up to pleasure.

 5. Lube and love:
Lubrication is important to reach orgasm. If you’re not wet enough, you can use extra lubrication, but don’t overdo it, because you’re gonna have a hard time feeling anything.

 6. Let clitoris in the game:
A lot of women require clitoral orgasm for a vaginal one as well. Don’t forget to stimulate the tiny piece of you that controls your part of the fun.

 7. Talk dirty to me:
Tell your partner what you wanna do to them or what you want them to do to you. Feel free to sound as kinky and slutty as you please.

 8. Change seat for more heat:
Try out different sex positions to find the ones that please you best.

 9. Take your time:
Don’t rush things. Start slowly and increase intensity and speed gradually to build up pleasure.

 10. The condom kingdom:
Explore all types of condoms for a variety of feelings (ribbed, striped,extra thin...).

 11. Share your toys:
Use your sex toys with your partner to spice things up and enhance pleasure for both of you. (Ben Wa balls can do a really good job here.)

sexy girl on the floor
12. Imagine freely:
If you can’t concentrate on what you’re doing, close your eyes and start making up kinky scenarios that keep you turned on.

 13. Show the way:
Don’t be shy to guide your partner in the right way to pleasing you. They won’t know they’re doing something wrong unless you tell them so.

 14. Before and after the storm:
The days before and after your period is a time when your body is more sensitive. Therefore, stimulation can be more intense than usual and so can your orgasms.

 15. Have fun under the sun:
Serotonin secretion makes orgasm easier. Exposure to sunlight increases serotonin levels, so don’t hesitate to have sex in daylight.

 16. Suspense adds to the sense:
Dopamine works as a stimulant, just like serotonin. Taking part in thrilling activities with your partner (from bungee jumping to simply watching a scary movie) increases the dopamine levels in your brain.

 17. Coffee and wine:
Sweetened coffee or a glass of wine contain stimulants that will warm your body up. It’s a good idea to have a drink with your partner before sex.

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 18. Starve yourself:
No masturbation or sex for a couple of weeks can increase your desire and make orgasm a lot stronger after that time.

 19. Work it out:
Build a strong pelvic floor with kegel exercises to experience stronger orgasms. (Check our kegels guide for more information)

 20. Believe in you:
Confidence and accepting your body is the most important thing to enjoy sex. Don’t think about your flaws when you're in bed with your loved one. Learn to love your body and everything will be a lot easier.

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